Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven Tested and rated ?

There are numerous outdoor pizza ovens on the market but Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven?, and the best one for you will be determined by your specific needs and preferences. When shopping for an outdoor pizza oven, consider the size and capacity of the oven, the materials it is made of, and the type of fuel it uses. When looking for an outdoor pizza oven, keep the following factors in mind:

Size and capacity: Think about how much space you have for your pizza oven, as well as how many people you typically cook for. This will assist you in determining the size of the oven you require.

Materials: Outdoor pizza ovens are typically constructed of brick, ceramic, or stainless steel. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, so think about which one will be the best fit for your needs.

Fuel type: Outdoor pizza ovens can be fuelled by wood, gas, or electricity. Wood-fired ovens are the most traditional and can impart a smoky flavour to pizzas. Gas ovens are the most convenient and user-friendly, while electric ovens are the most energy-efficient.

Ooni, Forno Venetzia, and Napoli are some popular outdoor pizza oven brands. To find the best option for you, read reviews and conduct some research.

1.Ooni Koda 16

Ooni’s outdoor pizza ovens, some of which run on gas and others on a combination of gas and wood, have seen brisk sales. The Ooni  Koda 16 is the larger of its two propane-powered Koda models, with a 16-inch cooking area vs. the Koda 12’s 12-inch cooking area, and we felt it was the most versatile, family-friendly model for cooks who might want to experiment with different pie sizes, as well as cooking other non-pizza items in the oven.

Pizzas cooked near the back left corner of the oven took only a couple of minutes to come out perfectly charred and bubbly thanks to the L-shaped heat source. And, unlike other ovens that use a single flame or radiant heat, you only need to turn a pie once or twice to get an evenly cooked crust.

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven
Ooni Koda 16

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven


Setup is as simple as possible.
Simple to use
It quickly heats up.
Large kitchen area
Temperature controls are simple.
Pizza is cooked in minutes thanks to the L-shaped heat source.

2.Alfa Nano

The Alfa Nano pizza oven bakes pies that are as good as they look, i.e. excellente. This pizza oven can be ordered with either wood or gas, but not both at the same time, as the Gozney Dome. We were able to cook our pies in about two minutes because it heats up to searingly high temperatures. The large interior space inside the oven also made it simple to turn them to ensure that all sides were evenly cooked. The large opening of the Nano also made it easy to see what was going on inside.

We were able to precisely adjust the flame inside the oven thanks to the Nano’s temperature control, but the knob did get hot to the touch. Also, because this is a heavy and expensive oven, you won’t want to move it once you’ve set it up in your yard, unlike some of the more portable options from Ooni and others. However, if you want a pizza oven to be the focal point of your outdoor kitchen, this is a good option.

Alfa Nano

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven


Portable size
Runs on smaller logs and sticks instead of large chunks of wood
Included wood basket
Quick assembly
Door comes with a peephole to easily check on pizza
Includes a pizza peel for slide-in-slide-out cooking like the pros

3. Gozney Roccbox

Gozney is known for its professional-grade pizza ovens, and the Roccbox brings that expertise to home cooks. Its sleek, modern, almost space-age shape, as well as its choice of two exterior colours (slate grey or olive green), make it the top choice for design enthusiasts. Because it doesn’t take up much space, the Roccobx is an excellent choice for those with a small outdoor patio and limited storage space — and because it just looks cool, it’s also an excellent choice for impressing guests at pizza parties.

By positioning the gas source at the back of the dome-shaped oven, pizzas get a nice char on both the top and bottom while cooking in just a few minutes. We also liked the dome’s height, which allowed us to see inside without bending down, and the compact, perfectly shaped stainless steel peel, which made sliding pies in and out of the oven relatively easy.

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven
Gozney Roccbox

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven


Setup is as simple as possible.
Color and design options are modern.
It includes a strap for portability.
A thermometer that is simple to read
Quickly reaches high heat and cooks pizza in minutes
The silicone exterior keeps the oven cooler than other materials.
There is a wood-fired option available.

4. Ooni Fyra 12

If you don’t want to deal with propane, the Ooni Fyra is the best pizza oven to buy. It runs on wood pellets, the same as in Traeger grills like the Ironwood 650, but can still reach temperatures of up to 950 degrees (we measured more than 1,000 degrees on occasion). Furthermore, its small size and 22-pound weight make it simple to pack and transport almost anywhere.

To keep the fire going, a feed tube in the back of the oven allows you to pour in pellets. The temperature control is a little more difficult than with propane-powered ovens — you have to nudge the flue damper tiny bits to get the desired temperature — but the Fyra produced nicely leoparded Neapolitan-style pizzas in around 90 seconds.


Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven


Portable compared to other ovens
It imparts a woody flavour to pizzas.
It becomes extremely hot.

5. Solo Stove Solo Pi

The same company that makes one of the most popular smokeless fire pits is now working on pizza ovens. Solo Stove’s Solo Pi resembles the company’s fire pit and performs similarly; we were able to cook pizzas in minutes. The wide mouth of the Solo Pi made it easy to see and turn pizzas, and its stainless steel exterior was not only attractive but also easy to clean.

If you choose this model, we recommend purchasing the optional propane attachment; loading wood into the Solo Pi’s fire box was a bit difficult, and it burned wood so quickly and efficiently that we needed a second person to restock it so we could concentrate on making pizzas. Otherwise, we were very pleased with how well it cooked our pizzas.

Solo Stove has since released the Pi Stand ($249 at Solo Stove(opens in new tab)), which stands about 38 inches tall and allows you to rest the oven on top. It also has wheels for mobility, a dock for a propane tank, and two small tray areas on each side.

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven
Solo Pi

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven


Cooks pizzas to perfection
Oven with two fuels
Modern and appealing design

6. Gozney Dome

The Gozney Dome is the company’s larger, more versatile, and more expensive brother to the Roccbox. This pizza oven weighs 128 pounds and costs $1,499 ($1,799 for the dual-fuel option), but it can cook with both wood and propane, and its large opening allows you to cook more than just pizzas in it.

We liked the Gozney Dome’s look, as well as the fact that it could get up to scorching hot temperatures and stay there for as long as we were slinging pies. And the pizzas it produced were impressive, with excellent charring all over and only two minutes from start to finish. It’s worth the money if you can swing the price.

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven
Gozney Dome

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven


Can cook with either wood or gas
Built to commercial standards
Rapidly reaches and maintains high temperatures
Extremely adaptable
Design that is both modern and functional.
Propane and wood-fired, but propane can easily take centre stage if desired.
Cooks at temperatures as high as 950oF.
With a detachable propane gas burner, it is portable.
Elegant, modern design in two colours
The floor is made of stone.
For safety, a silicone jacket is included.

7. BakerStone Portable Gas Series Pizza Oven

The BakerStone Pizza Oven Box does double duty: because it was originally designed as a grill box, you can detach the top portion from the bottom “firebox” and cook your pizza on a grill. When compared to the open-flame Ooni Koda and Gozney Roccbox, the interior of the oven, composed of five sides of pizza stones, performed surprisingly well. Because the five stones retain and radiate a lot of heat, the pizzas we made had a good amount of char and were evenly cooked.

We also liked that the firebox contains two gas burners, each with its own knob, allowing you to experiment with the heat of each side of the oven. If you look into the holes on either side of the firebox, you can see the flames flickering away, giving you a good idea of how much heat they’re producing. In addition, an easy-to-read thermometer on top of the pizza box allows you to monitor your temperature levels while cooking.

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven


The five-sided stone baking chamber quickly reaches high temperatures.
Pies get a nice char from the radiant heat.
Two gas knobs provide more temperature control.
The top baking box can be removed and used on the grill.
A less expensive option

8. Solo Pi Fire

While Solo Stove already sells a standalone pizza oven, the company has also released the Pi Fire, an accessory that fits atop the company’s smokeless fire pits. The Pi Fire is small and light, with two handles on top that allow you to place it on top of and remove it from your Solo Stove.

Unlike the other pizza ovens on this list, the Pi Fire cooks pizzas at a much lower temperature, which means it takes longer to prepare — 5 to 10 minutes versus as little as 90 seconds. We also discovered that if you allow the fire to grow too large, your pizza will become sooty — yuck! However, if you don’t mind a slower pace, the Pi Fire is a fun addition to your Solo Stove.

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven
Solo Pi Fire

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven


Design that is both appealing and thoughtful
Simple to assemble
Cooks pizzas uniformly

9. Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

If you’re a fan of your countertop toaster oven and/or air fryer, the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven could be a good fit. It has the look and feel of a more traditional countertop appliance, but with the ability to reach high temperatures. However, we had some trouble keeping the oven hot because the large front opening and domed interior let in a lot of air, and the oven’s door didn’t trap enough heat inside.

However, this is a sturdy, well-designed oven that is simple to use and clean. It’s also been praised for its ability to cook foods other than pizza, so more experienced cooks may want to try it for roasts, breads, and other dishes.

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven
Camp Chef Italia Artisan

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven


The most traditional of the “ovens”
Design that is strong
The stainless steel exterior is simple to clean.
It is simple to connect to propane and turn on.
A less expensive option

10. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven

Bertello was an instant success after appearing on Shark Tank in 2020, and he has since reaped the benefits of an expanding market for outdoor ovens. The company makes an oven with a charcoal and wood insert, which is a great option for those who enjoy smoky flavours. It’s also the lightest of the ovens we tested, making it ideal for camping trips and other outdoor activities.

However, using charcoal instead of gas is a less exact science, making maintaining a high temperature more difficult. Unlike gas ovens, it does feel like a more traditional method of cooking, so if you’re willing to experiment, this could be the oven for you. To add different flavour notes to your pies, experiment with different types of wood, and be prepared to keep re-stocking the charcoal chamber as you cook multiple pies.

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

Which Is Best Outdoor Pizza Oven


Gives pizzas a smoky flavour.
Very little assembly is required.
Excellent for camping

How we tested the best pizza ovens

There are a few key factors to consider when testing pizza ovens

Heat up time: Time to reach the desired cooking temperature: How quickly does the oven reach the desired cooking temperature?
Consistency of temperature: Does the oven maintain a consistent temperature while cooking?
Ease of use: Is the oven simple to assemble and operate?
The oven’s cooking performance: How well does it cook the pizza? Is the crust crispy and the toppings evenly cooked?
Cleanup: Is the oven simple to clean after use?

To test these factors, you can try the following methods

Heat-up time- Using an oven thermometer, determine how long it takes for the oven to reach the desired cooking temperature.

Temperature consistency- Place the thermometer in the oven and take regular readings to determine how consistent the temperature is.

Ease of use- To set up and use the oven, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cooking ability- Make a few pizzas in the oven, paying close attention to the crust and toppings to see how well they are cooked.

Cleanup- Clean the oven according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and rate how simple it is to do so.

It’s also a good idea to read user reviews to get a sense of how well the oven performs in everyday use.

What to look for when buying a pizza oven

When buying a pizza oven, there are a few key factors to consider:

Oven type: There are three types of pizza ovens available: wood-fired, gas-fired, and electric. Consider which type best meets your requirements and preferences.

Size: Think about how big the oven is and whether it will fit in your desired location.

Cooking performance: Look for an oven that can reach and maintain high temperatures, which is necessary for making a good pizza.

Ease of use: Select an oven that is simple to set up and operate.

Cleanup: Consider an oven that is simple to clean after use.

Price: Determine your budget and look for an oven that is reasonably priced.

Warranty: Examine the manufacturer’s warranty and determine whether it is adequate.

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