Tuffware Aluminium 1 Ltr Pressure Cooker Price India

Unique in many ways, Tuffware’s Inner Lid range of Aluminium Pressure Cooker’s is designed to withstand the rigour of Indian cooking for a long time making it ideal for cooking and serving. The Pressure Cooker comes in vibrant finishes to complement today’s modern kitchens and offer the highest level of safety in inner lid Pressure Cookers. 1.5 Liter Variant is perfect for cooking dal, rice etc. for a single person or 2 people at the most. Conveniently small, easy to clean and built to last. Made in India, Made for India.


Tuffware Aluminium 1 Ltr Pressure Cooker Price India Key Features

    • Made of hi-quality polished Virgin Aluminum for longer life and to compliment today’s modern kitchen
    • Easy opening and closing.
    • Ergonomically designed stay-cool handles.
    • Hard-Anodized finish.
    • Multiple safety features.

    General Features:

    • Colour: Silver
    • Style: Pressure Cooker
    • Type: Inner Lid
    • Material: Virgin Aluminium
    • Handle: Bakelite
    • Accessory: Use manual, Lid, Pressure regulator.

About Tuffware Aluminium 1 Ltr Pressure Cooker Price India

Tuffware Aluminium 1 Ltr Pressure Cooker Price India is new age cookware that lets you prepare fabulous dishes in no time. The pressure indicator ensures the highest level of safety.

It rises above the lid under pressure and drops when the pressure inside tails to zero, indicating when the pressure cooker can be opened. Manufactured using virgin aluminium, these pressure cookers ensure zero contamination.

The Tuffware aluminium 1 Ltr pressure cookers facilitate easy opening and closing. It also offers more space for a better steaming function producing maximum flavour.

Featuring an impressive finish, these aluminium pressure cookers are a pleasure to work with.

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