Geek Robocook Glam 3 ltr Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker India

Glam is not too big, nor too small. It’s perfect for a small family of 3 to 4, or as a backup for when you have to make a big meal and your regular cooker is overworked. You can carry it from the kitchen to the dining table, or on vacation and work trips, or to a new home to help you set up a kitchen on the fly.


Geek Robocook Glam 3 ltr Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker Price & Review India

  • 5 PRESET MENU: Cooking doesn€t have to be monitored anymore! Geek Robocook Glam automatic instant pot is featured with 5 preset menus which include Dal, Channa, gravy, Biryani and Pulav. Press and the food are ready to serve your dining.


  • PiC INTELLIGENT COOKING: PiC intelligently manages temperature, heat, time, and pressure. Robocook Glam improvises on the concept of a regular pressure cooker with the Circumvent cooking process which preserves rich nutritional quotient from pulses, grains, vegetables with cooking.


  • COOL DESIGN: Style, slim and compact. Yes, Robocook Glam multipurpose electric pressure cooker Saut with style, steam with beauty and pressure cook with fashion using 7 additional safety guards controlled by advanced microchips.


  • OPERATIONS SIMPLIFIED: Control when rotating the knob. Switch between presets or increase the 3 level settings of salt & manual, rotatory knob does it all. Geek Robocook Glam automatic cooker featured with auto keeps warm mode doesn€t require any manual intervention. Pleasure Yay! Pressure Nah.


  • EXEMPLARY BUILT: Durable Non- stick 3 litres inner cooking pot suits best for small families. A large insulated handle with an anti-skid base is an added safety. Comes with an additional tempered glass lid, silicone mitts, measuring cup and spatula to serve your purpose.

Geek Robocook Glam 3 ltr Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker Features

Robocook Glam 3 liter Cooker makes cooking easy, and better still, it’s brilliantly simple to use too. 1 dial, 3 settings for sautéing, and 3 settings for pressure cooking, and that’s it, there’s not much else to figure out. It even has 5 presets for popular dishes, so you can press a button and forget it. It is also a perfect serving dish. So less work cooking, and less work with the serving and washing up too

Geek Robocook Glam 3 Ltr Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker has a unique 1300 watt heating ‘ring’ that cooks quickly, but uniformly, so every dish is perfectly made, without nutrition loss.

The Robocook Glam comes with dual lids. The 7 Safety guard lid ensures your protection and the transparent tempered glass lid changes it into a glamorous serving dish on your table

Geek Robocook Glam 3 ltr Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker consistency & Benefit

It looks pretty. But it’s built for durability and peace of mind, with 7 safety features. Its non-stick pot uses less oil, is easy to clean and has a tough 5-layered coating so it can keep serving up healthy food for years to come. Its 1300-watt heating ring with well-designed heat distribution helps it cook quickly, but thoroughly. And it comes with a stylish transparent lid in addition to the pressure cooker lid, so it can dress for dinner.

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